Take Command Event, Nov 20-22, 2014, Moneterey, CA

Align your SELF with your SOURCE

and develop the mastery of bigger results
with less effort.

This event is NOT business as usual . . .

This event is for you if:

  • You feel a calling inside yourself to bring forth a powerful message and you don’t yet have a
    vehicle to do that.

  • You have a practice in the healing arts, coaching industry, or transformational fields and you want to take your work to another level but you aren’t sure how to do that in a way that feels aligned and authentic to you.

  • You started your practice to help and serve people, but now you feel stuck in a business model that drains you and the work seems endless.

  • You are tired of waiting for your life to change.

  • And you are ready, really ready, to close the gap between the potential you feel inside and what you are currently experiencing in your life and business.

If this is you, then YOUR TIME has come.

Become the LEADER you were born to be
in the new paradigm of business.

YOU and your unique, vital contribution ARE that important


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At TAKE COMMAND, you will learn to:

•	Own your TRUE VALUE by embracing your SOUL SIGNATURE

by embracing your

Uncover your unconscious money story and step into your true value based on your Soul Signature so that you can create money
based on your worth.


Create more money with less effort with the Village Model of Marketing and seamless sequencing of your outreach (marketing), offerings (products and services), and enrollment conversations (sales).

•	Create BIGGER RESULTS with LESS EFFORT with the Village Model of Marketing


Awaken and access your inner allies with the Wheel of Power and the 8 essential archetypes of the Visionary Entrepreneur

Turn FEAR into FUEL with
Clarity Breathwork®

Release limiting beliefs so that you can command situations that matter, such as meeting new people, inviting people to work with you, speaking on stage, shooting video, being interviewed and much more.

•	Turn FEAR into FUEL with Clarity Breathwork®


Attend the Take Command Event


Your Investment: $497


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Create your breakthrough at the event with Maggie’s laser coaching


Why join me? Well, let me let you in on something:

Long before I became a business coach, I was a Women’s Studies professor and then a metaphysical teacher. I left my job at Columbia University (yes, I was an Ivy League professor) in 1997 not because I turned my back on women’s studies, but because I realized in my heart that I would never be able to foster the type of transformation that I was really about inside the walls of the ivory tower.

Why join me?  Well, let me let you in on something:

For the past 17 years, I have been learning and exploring what it REALLY MEANS: “You create your own reality.” I was first introduced to this idea by my sponsor in the network marketing company that gave me a way out of academe – NIKKEN – and Bob Proctor, who was my first prosperity teacher. This was an entirely new concept that blew my mind at the time (remember I was coming out of a social justice and political activist framework). This is where I say the “spiritual rubber hits the road” – because we all have this as a concept, right? But do we actually LIVE as if this were true? Do we even KNOW HOW to live as if this were true? And HOW do we ACTUALLY do that?

How DO we harness our own
creative power in the service
of the life we want to lead?

This has been my inquiry all these years.

What I’ve learned is that you can get a whole lot better at it with practice (smile). Change really is possible, and the time we’re living in, as turbulent and challenging as it is, holds enormous possibilities.

AND our belief systems run deep – particularly those that have to do with VISIBILITY, MONEY, POWER, and SUCCESS. We tend to associate these words and concepts with bad men (sorry guys) – I used to call them “white-men-in-suits.” We’ve given these fundamental ideas over to something I’m not even sure exists, or not sure exists in the stereotyped projections of our minds anyway. Yeah of course, New York is full of white men in suits, but I am no longer prone to conspiracy theories . . .

What this means is that we often GIVE AWAY OUR POWER in ways that DO NOT SERVE US or anyone else, least of all our clients and our families . . .

And so, I have become almost fanatical at looking inside myself for ways that I give away my power and supporting my clients to do the same.

I am CRAZY about personal responsibility – really Really REALLY owning my own experience, good, bad, ugly as it may be. Even when it would be so easy to blame someone else and then feel righteous about it (occasionally my beloveds remind that, yes, sometimes other people ARE assholes and you don’t have to take it all on – but that’s another conversation . . . ).

This has led me to be CRAZY PASSIONATE about creating the world I want to live in. Will it actually happen in my lifetime? Not sure. But every time I look at my daughter, who just turned 13, I think “at least in her lifetime, yes! At least in hers.” And are there elements here now? Absolutely – people, projects, possibilities – so much abounds here right in this current moment.

AND we don’t have time to wait any longer. The needs of our planet and all of our companion species are calling us to WAKE UP! Every one of us is needed – with our passion, our purpose, our soul-inspired contribution, to do what we can to move in the direction that we believe will lead to a better world.

Is the world broken? No, I don’t believe so. Does it need our attention – you bet! And that’s, my friend, where YOU and I come in! If this resonates – I invite you to join me – at Take Command.


“Not only have I doubled my income,
now my clients pay in full, which keeps my
income steady and promotes client success.”

Maggie was the breath of fresh air that I was looking for. She combined the business nuts and bolts with a powerful spiritual component that I had never seen in any other business coaching program.

Maggie’s coaching has exceeded my expectations. Not only have I doubled my income, now my clients pay in full, which keeps my income steady and promotes client success.

The beautiful bonus is a wonderful community of entrepreneurs who help support and encourage me to keep moving toward bigger successes. I am now empowered to move my business forward to a new level of success in ways that I never imagined.

Kathryn Chess
Healthy Living Coach



I have stepped into my value,
increased my prices and my confidence has grown.

I didn’t have confidence that I could create a business. I did not have any business training and actually just wanted to provide services and not do the marketing and other business tasks.

Through (Maggie’s coaching) I have learned to be in motion, take action, focus on the next step, create deadlines and just do it without the need to be perfect. The concept of “imperfect motion” was so liberating for me and enabled me to start putting my work out there even if it’s not perfect. I learned to go out there and work with clients, talk with them, learn from them and refine my offerings as I go using what I learn from my experiences. Hearing about my colleagues successes and challenges gives me ideas, makes me feel supported and lets me know that I am not alone. (That inspiration) caused me to schedule my first 5 week childbirth preparation series that I have been reluctant to schedule.

I have stepped into my value, increased my prices and my confidence has grown. I am now confident in my ability to earn a great living in a business I love, have more autonomy and have more time for my family and myself. Thank you Maggie!

Lisa Meyer-Jones RN, IBCLC, CLE, LCCE
Doula, Nurse, Lactation Consultant and Childbirth Educator
Birth and Baby Matters

SPIRIT and BUSINESS do mix – fabulously in fact!


My spirituality is non-denominational and honors people of all faiths. We meditate, we pray, we call on ancestors and allies who are here to support us toward the highest good of all. We tune into our intuition, our inner wisdom, our connection with each other, and with the All That Is. We recognize that we are individual expressions of divine source energy, sovereign beings gathered together for the purpose of growth, understanding, and evolution.

Maggie Meditation-400

My meditations come out of the lineage of Orin and Daben, brought to us by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I am a qualified Awakening Your Light Body teacher in their tradition, teaching methods for communicating and creating in the realms of energy and light. My spiritual perspective interfaces with quantum physics that similarly recognizes light as the finest substance from which all things are made.

Three full days on the beach

Crisp air, cleansing environment, oceanic blessings.

Perfect for new beginnings for this most potent of New Years.

We’ll have 3 wonderful days with beautiful views amongst the charming Monterey Bay and downtown.

Oh, and did I mention, we really like to DANCE?



Attend the Take Command Event


Your Investment: $497


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If you attend the first day, and are not satisfied, you may turn in your materials and we will issue you a complete refund plus $100 travel expenses.

Take in every moment. Take notes. And if the by the END of the first day of Take Command it doesn’t deliver for you…

HAVE QUESTIONS? We’re Here to Help You.

Team Ostara is happy to answer any questions you have about
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We are working to make Take Command the event you remember for a lifetime.
We want to know what we can do to make your experience as smooth as it is life-changing so…

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